How We Are Paid

As independent financial advisors, we have the ability to create fee structures that are fair to our clients as well as our firm. It is our goal to always provide a high-quality product at a fair price. We have invested significant time and resources in education and training in our effort to be our clients' advisor of first choice.

Our fee models can include one or more of the following, depending on the services and products being provided:

  • Advisory fees charged against a managed investment account (percentage of assets). The advisory fee percentage charge will depend on the amount of assets managed as well as the complexity of the investments.
  • Advisory fees charged on an hourly basis or as a flat fee. Each advisor his or her applicable hourly rate, which is discussed and reviewed during the initial meeting. In some cases, rather than an hourly rate, a flat fee is quoted. Once again, this is detailed during the initial consultation.
  • Commissions, loads, or trails (ongoing commissions) earned through the sale of a specific financial product. Although our model of choice is advisory fees, some situations require the sale of a financial product. Upon such a sale, the advisor generally receives a commission. Whenever a commission is earned or a trail paid, we will fully disclose how we are being compensated.

Before working with any advisor, it is very important to know how that person is compensated. Money is a powerful motivator, so make sure the advisor you choose has your best interests at heart and has disclosed any potential conflict of interest that may interfere with providing appropriate advice.